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CAP 1096 Postponement

Further to industry consultation, as well as trials of the proposed new requirements, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has postponed implementation of the updated ‘CAP 1096 Guidance to Crane Users on Aviation Lighting and Notification’, which was scheduled for 31st May 2021.

Further to closure of the trial in May, the CAA is now undertaking a period of review, calling it the ‘Lessons Learned’ phase. During this time, the organisation is evaluating the trial’s findings and looking for ways to improve processes, whilst continuing to consult with all stakeholders and help the lifting industry prepare for implementation.

A second trial phase will be held from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022, which will facilitate testing of new guidance and systems. The first quarter of next year will see timescales for implementation being considered, although the CAA has confirmed that the new CAP 1096 will not be launched before April.

ALLMI Technical Manager, Keith Silvester, comments “Whilst this postponement is welcome news, crane operators should remember that the current 6km / 10m rule remains in place and should be adhered to. The CAA is in the process of updating its website to reflect this, but details of the requirement can also be found in the BS7121 series or by contacting ALLMI.”