• Working Together

    The Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers (ALLMI) was founded in 1978 at the request of the Health and Safety Executive, and it remains today as the UK’s only Trade Association devoted exclusively to the lorry loader industry. It serves, represents and promotes the interests of its members and the industry at large, and it is the natural focus and authority on all issues involving the design, manufacture, application and use of lorry loaders.

    ALLMI has members drawn from all parts of the industry, including manufacturers / importers, service agents, ancillary equipment manufacturers / suppliers, fleet owners and site operators.

  • Core Aims

    • To promote the safe use of lorry loaders.
    • To ensure that the Association is involved in the formulation of any legislation which affects the industry’s interests.
    • To promote compliance with training requirements embodied in current legislation.
All members share the same objective of promoting safe use and best practice