Applying for ALLMI Membership

  • Manufacturer / Importer

    In order to become a member of ALLMI, manufacturers / importers must have their premises audited by a member of ALLMI's technical staff. The cost of the initial visit is charged at a subsidised rate of £175 (it should be noted that an invoice for £345 will be raised initially, with the difference of £170 being rebated to the applicant once membership status has been approved). Should a follow-up visit be required due to non-compliance, then this will be charged at £345 in order to cover costs.  The purpose of the audit is to ensure that the company is operating in accordance with the ALLMI Code of Practice.

    For manufacturers / importers, the annual membership fee is £1450. However, this fee is reduced by £100 if payment is made in accordance with ALLMI's Terms and Conditions.

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