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Lift Planning Tools

The ALLMI Lift Planning Calculator has been developed for trained and competent Appointed Persons, to assist in the lift planning process through the quick and easy calculation of critical figures.

Once basic loader crane data has been entered, the tool includes the calculation of: stabiliser loadings; pad sizes for a given ground bearing strength and the subsequently imposed loads; rated capacity utilisation percentages; permissible wind speeds for operation given the sail area of the load; and sling section for one, two and four lifting point loads. The tool then automatically populates results of the calculations into text that can be copied directly to a lift plan set out in the ALLMI recommended format.

Disclaimer: This tool is for guidance only. It should be studied and the information applied with the assistance of expert advice as necessary. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, but no legal liability can be accepted by ALLMI for any errors or omissions, nor for any consequences thereof.  

This calculator tool only has full functionality on Microsoft Excel 365 (2019) onwards. Please contact ALLMI for further assistance.

  • Download the ALLMI Lift Planning Calculator

ALLMI App Tools

Free of charge and compatible with iOS and Android operating systems (smartphones and tablets), the ALLMI App contains an array of tools, allowing the following to be calculated / established:

  • Vertical loads placed on stabiliser legs.
  • Pad sizes required for a particular lifting operation.
  • Sling selection when handling cabins or containers.
  • The sail effect of wind on a given load.
  • Whether a lift falls into the hired and managed or contract lift category, and whether a site visit is required in advance of the operation.
  • Overload, stability and sink rate tests, as well as RCI / RCL calibration.
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