Thorough Examiner Training

  • Course Content

    Following extensive work by ALLMI’s Technical and Training Committees, ALLMI has produced a Training Scheme for the Thorough Examination and Testing of Lorry Loaders.

    The course is tailored for engineers wanting to perform Thorough Examinations and Load Tests, or for individuals already performing these duties, but who wish to sharpen their skills and also achieve certification. This course is available to employees of ALLMI manufacturer / service company members only.

    Click here to view the Thorough Examiner course modules.

  • Course Documents

    Every candidate attending the course receives the ALLMI Examiner’s manual, which acts as a reference guide throughout their career as an Examiner.  All successful candidates are also registered on the ALLMI Examiner database and issued with an identity card and certificate confirming their status as an ALLMI accredited Examiner.

  • Course Details

    The course duration is two days. There is a maximum of four candidates to every course.

    The price of the course is just £395 (plus VAT) per person (inclusive of the Examiner’s manual, certificate, identity card and registration).

    Entry Requirements:

    Every course candidate must have the following:

    • Two years' experience with lorry loaders or similar lifting equipment.
    • An ALLMI Operator Card (category C or above).
    • The candidate must have been employed by their current employer (the ALLMI member company) for at least six months.
    • ALLMI does not request that course candidates hold a Slinger / Signaller qualification, but it is strongly recommended that employers consider this if the person in question is dealing with slings / chains when performing their duties. If you would like to know more about the ALLMI Slinger / Signaller course, then please click here.

    Should you have any queries relating to the Thorough Examination and Load Test Training, then please contact the ALLMI office.