Appointed Person Training

Foundation Course

The Foundation course is one day in duration and its purpose is to provide the candidate with a better understanding of lorry loader operation and the practices of slinging and signalling.  Upon completion, the candidate will then be far better placed to deal with the content of the Appointed Person course.

Module 1: Course Introduction

Introduction to ALLMI, its history and objectives. An overview of the course modules, aims and objectives.

Module 2: Legislation

Legislation affecting lorry loaders and the Standards that provide guidance on how to comply with the law, with particular emphasis on the roles of Operator and Slinger / Signaller.

Module 3:  Lorry Loader Presentation

The theoretical elements of ALLMI’s Lorry Loader Operator course.

Module 4:  Lorry Loader Practice

Practical demonstration of set up, use and stowage of a lorry loader.

Module 5:  Slinger / Signaller Presentation

The theoretical elements of ALLMI’s Slinger / Signaller course.

Module 6:  Slinger / Signaller Practice

Practical demonstration of the selection, required checks and use of lifting accessories, as well as signals to a crane operator.

Module 7:  Dummy Assessment

Revision and completion of a ‘dummy’ theory paper to consolidate what has been learnt.

Module 8:  Summary & Feedback

Summary of the key points and an opportunity for candidates to provide feedback on different elements of the course.

For details of course prices and availability, please contact ALLMI.