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Safe Lifting of Hot Tubs

The Associations of ALLMI, BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association), the CPA and SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) have developed guidance covering the safe lifting of hot tubs, exercise spas and one-piece swimming pools.


Produced in response to a number of incidents, including a high-profile residential accident last year where a hot tub was dropped from height, the guidance was recently launched via a well-attended webinar and is expected to raise awareness and standards throughout this specialist sector of the lifting industry.

ALLMI CEO, Tom Wakefield, comments “The guidance is aimed at a variety of stakeholders. Hot tub manufacturers and suppliers, who generally won’t have the requisite knowledge to plan and carry out a lifting operation, will be made aware of the factors to be considered and the responsibilities of those involved; and domestic customers can also benefit by understanding what to expect from a delivery. In addition, the guidance, of course, targets operators of lorry loaders and mobile cranes, who will appreciate the principles and requirements of safe lift planning and implementation, but in some cases may be less familiar with specific factors relating to hot tubs. For example, pipework for new hot tubs can contain residual water from pressure testing during manufacture, adding to the specified weight of the load.”

The guidance provides valuable information on the following topics:

1. Costs of a lift operation.
2. Planning the lift.
3. Types of hire contract.
4. Slinging and handling of hot tubs.
5. Inspection prior to lifting from the delivery vehicle.
6. Supervision of the lift.
7. Case studies.
8. References to further guidance.

Tom Wakefield continues “We would encourage all those involved with this type of work to download a complimentary copy of the guidance from our website, where the webinar recording can also be accessed; and to contact us with any questions or comments.” To download this material, please click here.