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Bangor University Affiliation

ALLMI has recently formed links with Bangor University, to facilitate contact between Engineering students and the Association’s member companies.   

ALLMI Chairman, Mark Rigby, comments “Bangor University has a long tradition of academic excellence, as well as a first-rate Engineering School, making it the ideal educational institution for ALLMI to partner with.  The lorry loader industry has a huge amount to offer young Engineering talent and so we’re delighted to forge this relationship, with the aim of playing a key role in creating internship and post-graduate employment opportunities to the benefit of all concerned.”

He continues “We look forward to bringing further news as this initiative progresses, and would be pleased to hear from industry representatives requiring further information, as well as Colleges and Universities looking to develop similar affiliations.”

Should you require further information on this initiative, or represent an educational institution looking to establish an affiliation, then please contact ALLMI.