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Autoguide Equipment Ltd

Address Stockley Road
SN11 0PS
Primary Contact Robert Robinson
Telephone 01380 850885
Email Address
Coverage Coverage:  Nationwide

Company Overview:

Autoguide was established 30 years ago and now employs 27 at its rural location in Heddington, Wiltshire. We specialise in the installation of earth drilling equipment on lorry mounted cranes and excavators. In particular, our variable speed drives have been setting the performance standard for over 20 years. We are well equipped to design and manufacture both small and large quantities of specialist equipment over a very wide spectrum - from cricket rollers supplied to world class cricket clubs, earth drills supplied to well established OEMs and bespoke track based machines. We have a wide range of fabrication and machining equipment and work using light alloy, stainless, mild and high strength steels. We use 2 and 3D CAD modelling to produce design proposals for our customers and pride ourselves on excellent spare parts availability, going back to some rollers produced in the 1930s. We welcome new projects at any time, but do enjoy building and supplying equipment that we know works!