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Attachment Working Groups

ALLMI is carrying out a significant revision to its highly regarded lorry loader operator course.  As part of this process, the Association will be reviewing its training content for the various attachment types covered by the ALLMI scheme, and this has involved the formation of several specialist working groups. 

Jon Kenyon, ALLMI Training & Project Officer, comments “We have been seeking volunteers by reaching out to members and training providers, and the response has been excellent.  Whilst we have a huge amount of experience and knowledge within the ALLMI team, drawing upon the considerable expertise from within the membership and training provider network is a crucial part of revising any ALLMI course, and it supports our ethos of providing training and guidance which is very much developed by the industry, for the industry.”  

Working Group meetings will commence shortly, so please look out for further updates, and if you require additional information on this project then please contact ALLMI.