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Product Familiarisation Guidance

ALLMI has long been raising awareness of the need for product familiarisation and the consequences of not providing this training to operators.  ALLMI CEO, Tom Wakefield, comments “It is essential that we issue periodic industry reminders of the comprehensive guidance we have in place on this subject. 

All parties need to understand the importance of product familiarisation and the significant problems that can occur when it does not take place, or when it is not carried out to the correct standard.  The importance of documenting the process should also be fully appreciated, and this includes situations where a customer declines the offer of familiarisation, in which case their response should be appropriately recorded and signed off.”

ALLMI Technical Manager, Keith Silvester, adds “There is a clear legal duty on the part of the employer and the employee for lorry loaders to be operated safely, and an important aspect of ensuring this is for the operator to be fully conversant with the lorry loader being used.  Therefore, the operator must not only undergo the appropriate basic training, but also receive machine familiarisation at the point of handover.  It is imperative that the operator is familiarised with any features that are specific to that particular type of lorry loader, because with manufacturers continually improving their designs, experience of using one make / model of crane does not mean that an operator will be conversant with any other.

Our guidance is divided into two parts, containing a template form to be used by those carrying out product familiarisation, as well as a supporting document explaining each of the areas to be covered during the process and details of the audit trail that should be put in place.” 

ALLMI’s documentation includes coverage of the following:

  • Rated capacity load charts
  • Air suspension
  • Control levers / remote controls
  • Un-stowing / stowing functions
  • Stabiliser deployment / stowing
  • Safety systems
  • Crane & attachment functions
  • Operator checks & maintenance
  • Documentation

The template form and guidance are freely available to all industry stakeholders and so readers are encouraged to contact ALLMI for a copy, or to request assistance in relation to this important topic.