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New ALLMI Smart Card

ALLMI has recently launched a new ID card featuring a QR code.  ALLMI CEO, Tom Wakefield, comments “The introduction of a QR code on our card is tied in with the recent launch of the CSCS Smart Check app.  The QR code will facilitate the ALLMI card being scanned by the app, which will immediately allow site personnel to establish the validity of the qualification.”

Developed in conjunction with the 38 card schemes displaying the CSCS logo, the CSCS Smart Check app is set to radically improve the construction industry’s ability to verify qualifications quickly and efficiently, thereby tackling card fraud and improving site safety.   

Tom Wakefield continues “All current ALLMI cardholders have been emailed a QR code, which should be carried with the card when accessing construction sites.  Alternatively, replacement cards containing a QR code can be purchased for a nominal fee.”       

For further information, please contact ALLMI, and visit for details of the wider CSCS Smart Check initiative.