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Strap Down Your Loader Crane!

Following reports of an incident that could easily have had fatal consequences, ALLMI has recently launched its Strap Down Your Loader Crane! campaign. 

If a loader crane cannot be folded for travel, it should always be strapped down securely to the vehicle bed. Failure to strap down the loader crane could result in uncontrolled slewing and the extremities of the vehicle being breached, not only leading to damaged equipment and property, but also injury or fatality to persons, as well as criminal prosecution for the driver.

In addition to reaching out to fleet owners and operators, ALLMI’s Strap Down Your Loader Crane! campaign is aimed at all businesses involved in the movement of lorry loaders, including crane installers, bodybuilders, truck dealers and delivery companies.  The campaign supplies a range of valuable resources for employers to utilise, from training videos and 3d animated accident reconstruction, through to an information leaflet and toolbox talk.  All resources can be found on the following campaign-dedicated web page:

ALLMI CEO, Tom Wakefield, comments “We are determined to raise awareness of this issue by spreading the message as far and wide as possible.  Whilst we will, of course, do this via our own communication channels and numerous industry contacts, stakeholders can also play a valuable role by disseminating this information within their respective businesses, as well as to any external colleagues.”   

He continues “We would strongly encourage all those involved with lorry loaders to familiarise themselves with the campaign material, and to contact us, should they have any suggestions for further resource development.”