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Guidance Notes Series

ALLMI’s forthcoming UKCA publication will soon be the latest addition to its wide-ranging Guidance Notes series, which spans numerous aspects of lorry loader use.

A full list of Guidance Notes is below, and readers are encouraged to contact the Association for further information on any of these documents or subject areas:

GN001 Guidance for Life Expectancy of a Lorry Loader
GN002 Second-hand Lorry Loaders
GN003 Guidance for the Purchase of Second-hand Lifting Attachments
GN004 Regulations and Standards
GN005 Guidance for Lorry Loader Installers and Operators
GN006 Guidance Note for Hiring of a Lorry Loader
GN007 Guide to Lorry Loader Purchase
GN008 Bridge Bashing Regulations
GN009 Trailer Mounted Loader Cranes
GN010 Thorough Examination & Testing of Loader Cranes
GN011 In-service Structural Inspections
GN012 Non-Destructive Testing
GN013 Stabiliser Forces
GN014 Guide for the Purchase of Chassis Suitable for a Loader Crane
GN015 Guidance for Calibrating Reduced Capacity Areas
GN016 Guidance for the Supply & Use of Remote Control


GN017 Guidance for Employee Induction
GN018 Implications of BS7121 Safe Use of Cranes - Part 4: Lorry Loaders
GN019 Interim Maintenance & Inspection of Lorry Loaders
GN020 Reporting of Defects Arising from a Thorough Examination of a Loader Crane
GN021 Determining the Sail Effect for Wind
GN022 Correct Identification of Appropriate Types of Stabiliser Beam Locking Device
GN023 Protocol for Provisional Overriding of Safety Systems
GN024 Handbrake Interlocks
GN025 Lorry Loader Technical Files
GN026 Work at Height: Points to Consider
GN027 Lone Working: Points to Consider
GN028 On-Site Hazard Assessment for Mobile Engineers
GN029 Lifting Team Monitoring - Points to Consider
GN030 Kerbside Deliveries with Lorry Loaders
GN031 Thorough Examination of Loader Cranes on Waterborne Vessels
GN033 Swing-Up Stabiliser Safety - Free of charge

Guidance Notes, as well as other good practice documentation, can be downloaded here.

Should you have suggestions for guidance on other lorry loader related topics, then please contact ALLMI.