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UKCA Marking Guidance

As of 1st January, this year, UKCA marking is being phased in, replacing CE marking as a means of demonstrating product conformity.

ALLMI is in the process of producing a Guidance Note on this subject and has recently informed members of the timeframes being applied to this phasing in process:

  • 1st January 2021 to 1st January 2022: CE marking can still be used.
  • From 1st January 2022: a product bearing the CE mark will still be valid for sale in the UK, so long as it is also UKCA marked.
  • Until 1st January 2023: option to affix the UKCA marking via a label affixed to the product or an accompanying document.
  • 1st January 2023: UKCA marking must be affixed directly to the product.

ALLMI Technical Manager, Keith Silvester, comments “We have a period of grace this year in order to fully establish all details of the new requirements. We are currently reviewing existing information being provided by the government and will be publishing a new ALLMI Guidance Note covering the implications of this change for the lorry loader industry as soon as feasible.”

On a related matter, it’s important to remember that EN 12999, the European Standard for loader cranes, still applies to the UK lorry loader industry. Adopted as a British Standard, BS EN 12999 has always provided a means of compliance with the EU’s Machinery Directive. In the UK, at present, the Machinery Directive is replicated via the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations and so BS EN 12999 will assist compliance with this UK legislation from here on.

Keith Silvester adds “EN 12999 remains as pivotal to the UK lorry loader industry as ever, and so it’s a real positive that BSI’s membership of CEN (the body that develops EN 12999) will remain in place.”

Please contact ALLMI, should you have any queries or comments regarding UKCA marking.