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ALLMI Operators’ Forum - 15 Year Anniversary!

15 years ago, having previously only granted membership to manufacturers, service companies and ancillary equipment suppliers, ALLMI opened its doors to fleet owners by establishing its Operators’ Forum division.

The move has proved to be a great success and one which has played a key role in the impressive phase of growth and development that ALLMI has experienced during recent years. ALLMI CEO, Tom Wakefield, comments “In 2005, we received interest from several fleet owners regarding membership of ALLMI, and this coincided with discussions we were already having concerning ways in which we could expand the Association and be even more effective in achieving our aim of raising standards throughout the lorry loader industry. The solution was obvious and in February 2006 we held the inaugural meeting of the Operators’ Forum. Since then, the Forum has gone from strength to strength and it now comprises approximately 50% of ALLMI’s membership. There’s no doubt that having fleet owners on board facilitates an even greater interchange of ideas and opinions, which further improves our ability to identify and address the key issues affecting safety and good practice.”

Mobile Mini is a long-standing member of ALLMI’s fleet owner division and the company’s Lifting Operations Manager, Nick Sesevic, has held a place on the Operators’ Forum Executive Committee for the last year. He comments “Our company undertakes over 100,000 lorry loader operations every year and so this is a sector which is crucial to our business. We joined ALLMI because we wanted to be part of a body with a strong, collective voice on lorry loader issues, and that would keep us well informed on matters regarding legislation, standards, technical issues and safety.”

He continues “ALLMI membership has certainly given us these benefits but has also far exceeded our expectations. The Association does a great job of representing the industry and the level of support and guidance we receive is second to none. In addition, even though Mobile Mini’s reputation for health and safety has always been excellent, we've seen our credibility further enhanced by being part of ALLMI and bearing its logo."

If you run a fleet of lorry loaders and would like to know more about membership of the Operators’ Forum, then please click here or contact ALLMI.