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App Usage Increases

User sessions of the ALLMI App increased by 40% during the Association’s last financial year, further demonstrating its reputation as an invaluable industry tool. Impressive demand has continued in 2020 and thousands of industry stakeholders now use the ALLMI App to assist them in their day-to-day roles.

Free of charge and compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, the App contains an array of features that benefit all those involved with lorry loaders, including:

  • Details of ALLMI's range of training courses
  • Guidance documents
  • Good practice / safe use videos
  • ALLMI member and training provider directories
  • The latest industry news
  • A course booking facility for accredited instructors

The ALLMI App also contains a range of tools aimed at those planning lifting operations or carrying out Thorough Examinations. Lift planning tools allow the following to be calculated / established:

  • Whether a lift falls into the hired and managed or contract lift category, and whether a site visit is required in advance of the operation
  • Vertical loads placed on stabiliser legs
  • Pad sizes required for a particular lifting operation
  • Sling selection when handling cabins or containers
  • The sail effect of wind on a given load

Thorough Examiner tools facilitate calculations for overload, stability and sink rate tests, as well as RCI / RCL calibration.

To download the App, visit the Apple or Google Play store.

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