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ALLMI Partners with the Energy Networks Association

ALLMI has recently partnered with the Energy Networks Association (ENA) in order to help promote its ‘Look Out, Look Up!’ campaign. Seeking to raise awareness of the risks involved with working near overhead power lines and educating stakeholders in adopting safe practices, ‘Look Out, Look Up!’ is aimed primarily at lorry drivers, including operators of loader cranes, and so partnership with ALLMI was a logical step in communicating the message far and wide.

ALLMI Chairman, Mark Rigby, comments “We’re very pleased to partner with the ENA to help raise further awareness of this extremely important subject. ALLMI, of course, educates on the dangers of working near overhead power lines in its training courses and applicable guidance documents, but the ENA has produced some excellent new material, including a very hard-hitting video, which further conveys the message and which we’ll be communicating through various channels to our membership and beyond”.

The ENA’s Head of Safety, Health and Environment, David Spillett, comments “In the UK, on average, one person dies or is seriously injured each month as a result of contact with overhead power lines and data from the HSE shows that lorry drivers are some of the most at risk, being involved in over a quarter of all fatalities in the last five years. In spite of this, the ENA’s research would suggest that many applicable workers are still unaware of the dangers and so we would encourage all industry stakeholders to review our material, which includes a comprehensive campaign toolkit, cab sticker, video and safety leaflet.”

ena cab sticker crane truck cmyk 129mmx94mm opaque 20190808
The ENA's Cab Sticker