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New Calculator Tools for ALLMI App

ALLMI has recently released the latest update to its industry recognised App.  New developments include tools for Thorough Examiners, which facilitate calculations for overload, stability and sink rate tests, as well as RCI / RCL calibration.

ALLMI Technical Manager, Keith Silvester, comments “These tools will be a valuable aid to engineers conducting Thorough Examinations on lorry loaders.  They’re aimed at competent, experienced people working in this field and so do not attempt to explain the required procedures, but rather provide a quick and simple way of calculating the applicable test loads or parameters.”

ALLMI CEO, Tom Wakefield, adds “We’re currently working on another tool for examiners which will provide guidance on safety systems that should be fitted depending on the age of the loader crane, as well as one for operators covering pre-use checks.  The aim is to launch both of these in the second half of this year, so please look out for further updates.  In the meantime, as always we would encourage industry stakeholders to contact us, should they have any ideas or suggestions as to how we can further develop the App.

  Released in September 2017, the ALLMI App continues to be an industry hit, with the Association experiencing an increasingly impressive number of downloads. Free of charge and compatible with iOS and Android operating systems (smartphones and tablets), the App contains an array of features that benefit all those involved with lorry loaders, including good practice / safe use videos and documents, training provider / member directories, and a range of calculator tools designed to assist users carrying out various industry roles.

Please use the following links to download the App from either the Apple or Google Play store:

Apple (iOS)
Google Play (Android)