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New ALLMI Code of Practice

ALLMI has recently released its new Code of Practice (CoP) for members of the Association. ALLMI CEO, Tom Wakefield, comments “We released the revised CoP at the beginning of our new Membership Year, and the response has been extremely positive.”

“Further to extensive consultation amongst the ALLMI Board, as well as a discussion held at our Membership Event last year, we’ve taken a radically different approach to the format of this document when compared to the previous CoP. The reason for this is that the vast majority of the former CoP’s subject areas are now covered by applicable British and European Standards, to which ALLMI of course has direct input and influence; the ALLMI Guidance Note series; the ALLMI / CPA Best Practice Guide; and ALLMI’s various training programmes. Therefore, to revise the CoP using the same format would involve an impractical and unnecessary duplication of documentation. Furthermore, this new approach enables the CoP to focus on a Statement of Commitment for members to sign up to, confirming they will work in accordance with applicable Standards and legislation, manufacturer guidelines, ALLMI guidance documents and good practice; as well as verifying employee training and safety, and the highest levels of professionalism, honesty and integrity. These are all guiding principles that have long formed the basis of our membership auditing system.”

He continues “The new CoP will be heavily promoted during the coming months and beyond, thereby providing even more credibility to members of the Association."