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Lifting Team Monitoring

Developed in consultation with its Operators’ Forum Executive and Technical Standards Committee, ALLMI’s recently released ‘Guidance Note 029 Lifting Team Monitoring: Points to Consider’ provides valuable information on the following topics:

  • Benefits of monitoring lifting team personnel.
  • Recommended methods and frequency of lifting team monitoring, as well as the metrics against which to measure performance.
  • Legalities surrounding the subject.
  • Correct selection of monitoring personnel.
  • A series of template check sheets, to facilitate the monitoring of each lifting team member / role.

ALLMI advocates the systematic, regular and documented monitoring of lorry loader lifting team members, to ensure compliance with safe systems of work and to facilitate the identification / rectification of problems. Industry stakeholders are encouraged to contact ALLMI for a complimentary copy of this guidance, or with any queries in relation to this important subject.