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ALLMI & Tier One Contractor Collaboration - Swing-Up Stabiliser Safety

News of three separate reported fatalities involving the use of lorry loader swing-up stabiliser legs has led to a collaboration between the Tier One Health & Safety Forum and the Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers & Importers (ALLMI). These discussions built on earlier actions initiated by Skanska, ALLMI and HSE to communicate and address the hazard with the construction industry.

Following initial Safety Alerts to raise awareness and efforts to influence new equipment design by driving a revision to product standard, EN 12999, ALLMI and the Tier One Health & Safety Forum agreed to work together to find the most effective ways of achieving the best possible level of safety on lorry loaders already in service.  This has involved addressing the entrapment risk of certain types of swing-up stabiliser by agreeing a range of engineering measures and safety initiatives.

Alan Johnson, Managing Director of Palfinger UK and current Chairman of ALLMI, says “We would like to thank our colleagues from the Tier One Health & Safety Forum for the drive, pragmatism, and impetus they have provided to this collaboration.  Their work in helping us effectively understand their collective needs has enabled the UK Lorry Loader Industry to respond in a supportive and constructive way, meaning we have found and delivered solutions far more quickly than through a fragmented or individual approach.”

Tom Wakefield, ALLMI CEO, adds “The quality of dialogue between ALLMI and the Tier One Health & Safety Forum has been excellent, enabling us to progress very focussed initiatives that will enhance safety and improve understanding between sites, fleet owners and loader crane manufacturers – for example, the ALLMI E-Learning Module and Swing-Up Stabilisers Compliance Register.  Furthermore, the relationships and communication channels formed as a result of this process will continue to strengthen, serving both the lorry loader and construction industries well on future areas of mutual interest and importance.”   

Lee Hewitt, UK Health, Safety and Environment Director at Balfour Beatty, commented on behalf of the Tier One Health & Safety Forum “The construction and infrastructure industry is inherently dangerous - getting our people home safely, every day, is our biggest area of focus.

We would like to thank ALLMI for their proactive, driven and collaborative response to this issue. Through our partnership with ALLMI, we are taking an active approach to designing out risk across our operations, putting in place innovative new tools and solutions to support us in becoming an even safer industry.”