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Swing-Up Stabiliser Safety Video

ALLMI has launched a ‘Swing-Up Stabiliser Safety’ video. Aimed at Spotters and Operators of lorry loaders with swing-up stabiliser legs and developed as an integral part of ALLMI’s E-Learning Module, the video’s release follows extensive work already carried out by ALLMI on this subject, including the publication of Safety Alerts, a Guidance Note, training scheme amendments and successfully lobbying for change to the European product standard, EN 12999. 

Covering all aspects of correct use for swing-up stabilisers, as well as the various types available, the video also explains how the Spotter and Operator should work together to ensure safe leg retraction.

Video contents include:

  • Introduction to Swing-Up Stabilisers
  • Acting as the Spotter
  • Correct Operation
  • Incorrect Operation
  • Swing-Up Stabilisers Operated by Remote Control
  • Other Types of Swing-Up Stabiliser
  • ALLMI Resources

As well as being part of ALLMI’s E-Learning Module, the video is freely available via ALLMI TV.