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New E-Learning Module

ALLMI has released a new E-Learning Module for Swing-Up Stabiliser Safety.  From 14th November, completion of the Module will be a tier one contractor site requirement for anyone in the role of Spotter or Operator of a lorry loader with swing-up stabiliser legs that does not meet the tier one contractor acceptance criteria

ALLMI Technical Manager, Keith Silvester, comments “The E-Learning Module can be accessed free of charge via the ALLMI website.  It consists of the user watching ALLMI’s new Swing-Up Stabiliser Safety video and then answering a series of related questions.  All questions must be answered correctly and once achieved the user is sent email confirmation of their pass.  This email will contain a QR code, which, when scanned by site staff, will confirm the validity of Module completion.” 

Please click here to complete the E-Learning Module for Swing-Up Stabiliser Safety.