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Swing-Up Stabilisers Compliance Register

As part of its work with the Tier One Health & Safety Forum, ALLMI has launched a web-based ‘Swing-Up Stabilisers Compliance Register’. 

Via an online portal, manufacturers will upload details of lorry loaders with swing-up stabilisers that are compliant with tier one contractor requirements, and these machines will then be fitted with an ALLMI QR code sticker.  When the QR code is scanned by site staff, the user will be taken to a page on the ALLMI website where, upon entering either the loader crane serial number or vehicle registration, confirmation is provided of the lorry loader’s compliance. 

ALLMI CEO, Tom Wakefield, comments “The purpose of the Register is to assist manufacturers, fleet owners and contractors with the issue of site access for lorry loaders with swing-up stabilisers, creating a smooth process and making it simple to understand when equipment is compliant with tier one contractor requirements – i.e. if the lorry loader isn’t registered with ALLMI or via an alternative manufacturer-specific QR code system, and in the absence of any other form of compliance evidence, it will not be permitted to operate on tier one sites.”