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Swing-Up Stabilisers - Tier One Contractor Acceptance Criteria

Tier one contractors have recently confirmed their complete acceptance criteria for lorry loaders with swing-up stabiliser legs, which is as follows:

If any one of the following applies, then the lorry loader meets with tier one contractor requirements:

  • Fixed control stations (including emergency control stations) are located outside of the swing-up arc of the stabiliser leg (on both sides of the vehicle).

  • Fixed control stations (including emergency control stations) are located within the swing-up arc of the stabiliser leg, but a manufacturer or authorised representative approved technical solution is fitted that prevents the stabiliser beam from being fully retracted unless the leg is in the vertical / upright position.

  • Stabilisers have a manually operated swing-up function (regardless of whether fixed control stations are located within the swing-up arc).  Therefore, the stabiliser beam cannot be retracted with the leg in a horizontal position.

Should the lorry loader comply with the above, its details will be eligible for uploading to ALLMI’s Swing-Up Stabilisers Compliance Register (or a manufacturer-specific equivalent system).

If the lorry loader does not comply with the acceptance criteria, then until the end of this year the retraction of swing-up stabiliser legs will need to be supervised by a ‘Spotter’ (note that this is with the exception of Skanska sites, the policy for which remains unchanged), the provision of whom will be agreed on a case-by-case basis between the supplier and the site.  From 14th November, both the Spotter for and Operator of this type of equipment will need to have completed ALLMI’s E-Learning Module on Swing-Up Stabiliser Safety, evidence of which will be requested by tier one contractor sites.  

As of 1st January 2023, lorry loaders that do not meet the above criteria will not be permitted to operate on tier one contractor sites (the option of using a Spotter will be removed from that date).