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ALLMI Response to Skanska Ban

Skanska has announced a forthcoming ban on its sites / projects for the use of lorry loaders with swing-up stabiliser legs that rotate across fixed control positions.  Due to be implemented from 1st August, this ban includes lorry loaders operated by remote control, but where the leg rotates across emergency levers or areas where standard levers have been removed. 

Having held discussions with Skanska on this issue for several months, the ban continues to be challenged by ALLMI.  The Association’s Chairman, Alan Johnson, comments “Whilst we fully accept the right of Skanska to apply whatever rules it sees fit on its sites, our position has always been that collaboration between ALLMI, its members and the appropriate Standards bodies will achieve the most effective and sustainable solution to the concerns highlighted.”

“Furthermore, we firmly hold the view that if the equipment in question is CE marked, meets all other legal requirements, and is operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, then it is safe to use and should be allowed access to site.”    

One of ALLMI’s primary concerns is that Skanska has included certain types of remotely controlled lorry loader within the ban.  Johnson continues “The inclusion of this type of equipment significantly increases the number affected.  Given the unlikely scenario of needing to use the emergency levers (which would require failure of both the radio control and the back-up umbilical cord), and the other control measures that could be put in place, to include this equipment in the ban constitutes a disproportionate response, and one which has the potential to cause irrevocable damage to the UK lorry loader industry.”

ALLMI’s view is that an industry-wide ‘one-speed’ approach is much preferable to individual site bans, wholly encompassing the lorry loader sector with the comprehensive dissemination of control measure knowledge.  In conjunction with such an approach, the Association believes the following measures form the correct path towards mitigating the identified risks of certain types of swing-up stabilisers:

  • An amendment to EN 12999, work on which is already underway.
  • Development of retrospective solutions (in the UK by installers / importers) made available to duty holders / fleet owners.
  • Continuing with ALLMI campaigns / training course amendments for all lifting team roles, a process which commenced in October last year.
  • Access to site tightly controlled via the lift plan review / approval process, with the hazard being treated in the same way as all other well-known lifting hazards.
  • Site supervision / discussion on site induction, etc. in cases where there are positively identified concerns, with reference to ALLMI guidance and additional suitable controls being enforced.

Should you have any comments or queries on this matter, please contact ALLMI.

For a copy of Alan Johnson’s open letter on this issue, please click here.

For a copy of ALLMI’s Guidance Note on the ‘Safe Use of Swing-Up Stabilisers’, please click here.