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Guidance Note - Swing-Up Stabiliser Safety

ALLMI has released a new Guidance Note ‘GN033 Swing-Up Stabiliser Safety’.

Swing-up stabilisers are fitted to lorry loaders predominantly to negate the need for widescale relocation of chassis furniture during installation, and have become increasingly common in the last 15 years. Operation can be manual or hydraulic, either via levers at the crane base or remote control, dependent upon specification.

ALLMI’s document covers the key guidance required when using this type of equipment, including:

  • Ensuring that swing-up stabilisers are pinned / locked in the vertical / upright position before the stabiliser beam is deployed or retracted.
  • Fully observing the operation of the stabiliser leg during deployment and stowage.
  • Operating the swing-up function separately to the movement of the stabiliser beam (i.e. both functions should not be used simultaneously).

The Guidance Note also lists possible control measures for fleet owners to consider, depending on the type of swing-up stabiliser being used.

For a copy of GN033, please click here, and please contact ALLMI, should you have any related questions.