Accreditation Costs Print

Please note that a discount structure is in place for the price of Operator manuals.

Please also note that the price of the Operator manual includes the operator's registration and the production of their certificate and identity card.

Operator Manual £34.95 each
Instructor Manual £100 each
ALLMI Training DVD £25 each
Instructor Course £550 - two day course. 
£975 - three / four day course (dependent on the no. of candidates)

Annual Registration Fee

For an individual instructor, the Registration Fee will be charged at £295 per annum. 

For training providers with more than one instructor, the following charges will apply:

  • Instructor Number One: £295 per annum
  • Instructor Number Two: £245 per annum
  • Instructor Number Three: £195 per annum
  • All other instructors: £145 per annum

The Registration Fee covers the cost of the instructor's annual audit (although audits may be carried out more than once per year).  Please note that audits are unannounced.  This is facilitated by ALLMI's online registration system, which allows instructors to notify ALLMI of all courses prior to the training taking place.   

Additional Categories

Please note that where an instructor wishes to gain accreditation for the delivery of an additional category (e.g. Slinger / Signaller) and is therefore required to undergo an additional audit (in the first year of accreditation for the delivery of that course), £295 will be charged over and above the Annual Registration Fee, regardless of the number of ALLMI instructors employed by the company in question (i.e. the above discount structure will not apply).  Once the initial audit for that category has been carried out, year on year the fee will be as stated in the bullet points listed above (i.e. one fee will be charged per instructor, regardless of the number of categories they hold).

Yellow Cards

An additional charge of £295 will also apply where an instructor requires a follow up audit, further to being issued with a yellow card.  A yellow card is issued when an instructor's audit score is less than 66%.