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The Operators' Forum is a rapidly growing division of ALLMI and its purpose is to raise the standard of safety and professionalism amongst owners / operators of lorry loaders (if you would like to see a list of Forum member companies, please click here). Membership of the Operators’ Forum will benefit your company in the following ways:

The benefits of ALLMI Operators’ Forum membership include:

Providing Members with a Voice in the Industry

ALLMI has representatives on British, European and International Standards Committees for loader cranes. As a result of ALLMI’s involvement, members have an opportunity to voice opinions on any forthcoming / proposed changes in this area and therefore have the potential to directly influence standards and legislation affecting the lorry loader industry.

Working in Partnership with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

Representatives of the HSE sit on ALLMI's Training and Technical Committees, and therefore have valuable input into the standards and guidance that ALLMI develops for its members. In addition, HSE representatives also attend Operators' Forum Meetings and provide members with guidance on a variety of important issues.

Guidance / Support on Technical Issues & Legislation Compliance

ALLMI’s Technical and Training Committees consist of representatives from the UK’s leading loader crane manufacturers and importers, as well as the HSE. Together with ALLMI’s involvement with the British, European and International loader crane Standards Committees, as well as the knowledge and expertise of ALLMI’s full time technical staff, this means that ALLMI members have access to an unrivalled level of advice and guidance on all aspects of lorry loader use, including health and safety matters, technical issues, legislation compliance, training and documentation.

Technical Publications / Bulletins

Members have access to various technical publications and documents, and also receive regular technical bulletins relating to issues affecting the industry.

Free ALLMI Guidance Notes

ALLMI has published a range of over 30 Guidance Notes covering various lorry loader related subjects. Guidance Notes are provided free of charge to ALLMI members.

Lorry Loader Operator Training - Commended by the Health & Safety Executive, Recognised by Build UK and Approved by CSCS

ALLMI runs the UK’s only lorry loader operator training programme to have been awarded the HSE's “Working in Partnership” commendation. ALLMI operator training is also recognised by Build UK and is referenced within the organisation's official "Training Standard". In addition, the ALLMI scheme is approved by CSCS. Whilst non-members also have access to ALLMI training, members have the opportunity to contribute towards the development of the scheme via representation on the ALLMI Training Committee.

Courses for Managers

Members have access to a range of courses for managers, which help them to comply with the requirements of PUWER 9.2. Courses cover a wide range of subjects, such as the duties / responsibilities of the Appointed Person, Thorough Examinations / Load Tests, slinging / signalling and lorry loader operation.

Discounts on Training, Consultancy & ALLMI Products

ALLMI members receive a significant discount on the cost of the ALLMI Appointed Person course, which is the only accredited training programme of its kind in the UK to be dedicated exclusively to lorry loader lifting operations. The course is fully compliant with the requirements of LOLER and BS7121 Part 4: 2010. Members also receive a discount against the cost of the ALLMI Crane Supervisor course. In addition, a discount is provided on a consultancy service offered by the Association, as well as a range of products including the ALLMI Code of Practice, pre-operational check sheet pads / windscreen holders and training DVDs.

Discounts on British Standards

ALLMI is an official Distributor for the British Standards Institution. As a result, ALLMI members are entitled to receive a 20% discount against the cost of British Standards.

Group Buying

ALLMI runs a Buyers Co-operative that allows members to purchase core products and services at a discounted rate. This includes an insurance service, which has seen many members save thousands of pounds on their premiums, as well as receiving improved levels of cover.

Website Promotion & Facilities

All ALLMI members are promoted through the ALLMI website. Contact details are provided for each member, in addition to a link to their website and information on the services they offer. Members also have access to a secure section of the site, which includes a download area containing regulations relevant to the industry, as well as a range of guidance documents and safety bulletins, all of which assist companies in complying with legislation, standards and best practice. In addition, the members’ section includes an online discussion area which allows members to raise issues and discuss common problems.

Advertising Opportunities

Members (and training providers) have exclusive access to banner advertising opportunities via the ALLMI website and ALLMI’s quarterly E-Newsletter.

Vehicle StickerEnhanced Corporate Identity

The ALLMI name is associated with safety, standards and quality, whether it’s in relation to training, crane installations and service, or the running of vehicles. Not only are members associated with ALLMI via its website promotion, but they are also able to utilise the ALLMI vehicle sticker and ALLMI Membership Plaque, as well as being provided with an annual Membership Certificate. Members are also entitled to use the ALLMI logo as part of their company livery.

Networking Opportunities

ALLMI Operators' Forum meetings not only allow members to be updated on, and have input into, the latest issues affecting the industry, but they also provide an excellent networking opportunity.

Please click here for information on how to join the Operators’ Forum.