Instructor Accreditation

Course Modules

Module 1: Course Introduction

Introduction to ALLMI, its history and objectives. An overview of the course modules, aims and objectives, as well as the assessments to be undertaken.

Module 2: Operator Course Presentation

Detailed review of the ALLMI Operator course presentation from the perspective of the instructor.

Module 3:  Lesson Planning

How to create a lesson plan to ensure coverage of all key points.  How to deliver the lesson to candidates.

Module 4:  Practical Testing

How to set up the practical test course and deliver the test to candidates, including provision of results and feedback upon completion of the test.

Module 5:  Report Writing

How to complete a report for the candidate and their employer, summarising their performance and the recommended next steps.

Module 6:  Preparation for Assessments

Revision of the theory, followed by practical sessions with feedback and guidance to prepare for the assessments.

Module 7:  Assessments

Delivery of the assessments, comprising: theoretical topics (instructional techniques, training standards, legislation and lorry loader knowledge); practical operating skills; delivery of a lesson; delivery of a practical test; report writing.

Module 8:  ALLMI Processes

Detailed coverage of ALLMI paperwork and systems, including how to register courses and complete and submit the relevant paperwork.

Module 9:  Final Administration & Candidate Feedback

Preparing course paperwork for submission to ALLMI and an opportunity for candidates to provide feedback on different elements of the course.