Through its team of dedicated technical and training staff, as well as the expertise of its Technical and Training Standards Committees, ALLMI provides an unrivalled level of guidance and support on all lorry loader related issues, enabling companies to work to the highest of standards.

As part of this service to the lorry loader industry, ALLMI produces an array of guidance material.Many of these resources are freely available to all, with only the ALLMI Guidance Notes series being charged at a nominal rate (although please note that Guidance Notes are free of charge to ALLMI members).

Please use the links below to access this wide range of publications and videos:

Guidance Notes

Safe Use of Lorry Loaders

Safe Use of Remote Controls

Pre-Operational Checks

Swing-Up Stabilisers

Operator Competence

Ground Conditions

Information for Sites

Overhead Power Lines

Strap Down Your Loader Crane