Lorry Mounted Crane Training

  • Why You Must Have Lorry Mounted Crane Training

    Inadequately trained lorry mounted crane operators can be a major cause of accidents. Can you afford to take the risk with your staff, your customers and your business?

    Even if such incidents do not result in an injury or fatality, they are highly likely to lead to costly legal action and damaged equipment.

    So, ensuring your operators are trained in how to safely and responsibly handle a lorry mounted crane is a must. It is also worth bearing in mind that an effectively trained operator is a much more profitable one, offering greater levels of efficiency and less downtime, as well as a safer working environment.

    At ALLMI, our instructors supply the thorough and comprehensive lorry mounted crane training necessary to ensure these goals are met.

  • Why Choose ALLMI Instructors?

    ALLMI accredits more than 200 instructors all over the United Kingdom and Ireland, so we’re sure to have someone in your area. All of our lorry mounted crane training instructors hold recognised operator, slinger/signaller and instructional techniques qualifications, and have extensive experience with the equipment.

    To become ALLMI accredited, all instructors are required to complete the ALLMI Instructor Course and all are audited at least annually in order to ensure you receive the same high standard right across the ALLMI training provider network.

  • Course Content

    The ALLMI operator course content includes the following modules:

    • Legislation
    • Introduction to the Loader Crane
    • Pre-operational Checks
    • Operator Maintenance
    • Lifting Equipment / Attachments
    • Siting the Loader Crane
    • Deployment of Stabiliser Legs
    • Use of Controls
    • Preparing the Loader Crane for Use
    • Operating the Loader Crane
    • Stowing Procedures

    Click here for further information on lorry mounted crane training courses.

    ALLMI offers novice (two-day timeframe), experienced (one-day) and conversion programmes for operators, which are inclusive of theoretical and practical instruction, together with examinations relevant to the type of machine being operated.

    Each individual operator who successfully completes the course is awarded an identity card and certificate, as well as the ALLMI Operator Manual. ALLMI certification is valid for five years, after which time refresher training and re-assessment will need to be undertaken.

    If you are interested in purchasing our training video "The Safe Use of Lorry Loaders" please watch the trailer (on the left). This Training DVD covers common applications, with a strong emphasis on basic operating skills and awareness of the associated hazards.